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Crazy, but doable: Could you rock shorts all winter long?

Posted on December 26 2017

We use a lot of ‘cold words’ in our marketing speech. After all we make “cool” shorts that you can have a great time “chilling” in. You can don a pair of our stylish Frigid Jungle style shorts so that you can ‘break the ice’ and people won’t give you the ‘cold shoulder’. And we will tell you all day about how Rock Atoll shorts are the “polar” opposite of the the usual mens shorts you’ve seen.

cool mens shortschill mens shorts

(Above: Frigid Jungle shorts in action!)

Trust us. We know as well as anyone that the winter time is not the ideal time for buying shorts, but, really, so much of what we consider to be true can be directly affected by our state of mind. You’d be amazed at how much cold a person can stand when they set their mind to it. Think we’re just blowing snow up your @$$? Check out this report from Vice:


Iceman, indeed. Mr. Wim Hof has discovered that he has abilities that have many people referring to him as a superhuman, but he assures the world that any person can learn his technique that allows him to takes his body to various extremes that many people would think possible, including being able to tolerate extreme cold for extended periods of time.

Wim’s other abilities include being able to produce adrenaline on command in order to boost his immune system, holding his breath for long periods, and actually being able to increase his core temperature at will; All with a breathing technique that he has developed and mastered.

With his resistance to cold, Hof has climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and even made an attempt at climbing Mt. Everest, all with only shorts and shoes on! Needless to say, the next time that someone says we’re crazy for trying to sell shorts in the winter, we’ll just have to reply, “The Iceman says otherwise,” and hope they don’t think we mean Val Kilmer.

(Above: He ain't afraid of no cold!)

So would Mr. Hof wear shorts outside in the dead of a snowy winter season? You’re dang right he would, and, in fact, does! Of course, he has been trained in a technique that allows him to do so, so we certainly would not advocate that you do. Be sure you stay at a comfortable temperature year ‘round, by all means.

Having said that, being impervious to cold sounds pretty great, right? And with the right training you could do it to! With Wim Hof’s breathing and meditation exercises, you could be a person who may be able to wear shorts in any season without fear of any negative effects. Until such time as you receive Master Hof’s training, however, feel free to stock up on shorts from our store now, and be ready for the bright and sunshiny days ahead!

Oh, and by the way, Happy New Year’s from all of us at Rock Atoll! May 2018 bring you newfound boldness, confidence and fun!


Put on. Tune in. Stand out.

-The Rock Atoll Crew



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