Introducing our brand new sleep shorts for Men!

Wide Leg Elastic Waist Cotton Knit Pajama PJ Shorts in Bright Colorful Novelty Patterns

Did you know that we spend approximately a third of our lives either sleeping or trying to get to sleep? It's no secret that sleep is essential to our survival. Whether you call it a shut-eye, hitting the hay, catnap, or a siesta - we can all agree that there is no better feeling than getting a good night's sleep.

ROCK ATOLL | Comfy Cotton Knit Super Soft and Stretchy Pajama Shorts for Men in Funky Patterns

What you wear (or don't wear) to sleep can determine whether or not you get your well deserved beauty sleep. That's why we made it our mission to create the ultimate pair of sleep shorts for you!
Designed with your comfort in mind, our pajama shorts are made in a super soft cotton knit fabric, that is not only breathable but also perfectly stretchy. Wide legs means you've got plenty of room to move around in them at night, a must have especially if you're a hot sleeper!
Not only that, but they're also available in a huge variety of colors and patterns to add a bit of elegance to every night, these PJ shorts might make it a little harder to get out of bed in the morning!


While comfort-enhancing features like elastic waistbands, highly breathable fabrics and tagless undies are great, your sleepwear should also be stylish enough that you wouldn't be embarrassed to at least answer the door—and maybe even leave the house—wearing them. So check out all the many fun patterns you'll be proud of being seen in!

Pajama Shorts You'll Never Want to Take Off. So Comfy You'll Want to Wear Them Outside All Day Every Day

The best men's pajamas are made for more than just lounging. Our pajama shorts are so fun and colorful they double as obscenely comfy daywear because you won't want to take them off! Just be sure to turn off your camera before standing up when taking that Zoom call! 

Cozy Comfy Cotton Jersey Knit Pajama Shorts Buy Online For Men

Get ready to toss out those boring old plain undies, the toothpaste stained sweats, and those ratty workout joggers you wear to bead. Elevate your jammies by swapping them for best men's pajama shorts on the market right now, so you can relax in swaddled bliss as long as you'd like!

 Quality pajamas are the best head start you can give yourself to secure a comfortable night’s sleep.
Invest in the comfiest pajama pants made to make you feel like royalty while hitting the hay!

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