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About Us


Did you ever take one of those personality tests that tell you what kind of person you are with four letters likes ENTP or ISFJ? Well, if Rock Atoll took its own personality test, we’d probably end up with something like:





(Sure, we could’ve gone with the acronym BEEF, but at Rock Atoll we don’t promote beef. We squash it.)

If you’re like us, then you’re more than slightly peeved with the state of men’s fashion. Men are expected to fit in like good little round pegs. But what about those of us that are square pe....

Actually, let’s not use the word ‘square’. Our customers are anything but. The men that Rock Atoll caters too are more likely to be pegs shaped like longswords, or lightning bolts, or mushroom clouds!

Rock Atoll comes to the table with a mind for cool, brilliant and striking fashion that suits men who don’t mind dressing with a bit of flash. To be clear, we ain’t making tuxes here; we’re making quality mens casual wear. But if you are not satisfied with wearing the same style of khaki bermudas as your father, we have hot, fresh styles that are virtually guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

We’re a brand-spanking-new company, established in 2017, and we are willing to put everything on the line for a product that we believe in: Off-the-wall printed shorts. We are driven to deliver our unique brand of crazy chill to the world. We’re here to provide new options to men who are tired of ho-hum style. For those that want to throw off the shackles of conformity and march to the their own beat.

Rock Atoll may not be right for everyone, but if you’re bored of men’s fashion as usual, Rock Atoll is right for you. Check out our line of unique printed shorts today, and be ready to hear, “Awesome shorts!” tomorrow.

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