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News and Media

Rock Atoll is on the radar! When truly bold apparel is in the æther, you know that Rock Atoll is the name on the tips of everyone's tongues.

Check out our mentions in publications and media sources all over the world, as we expand further into the zeitgeist and start making waves in the pond that is the world of smart casual fashion!

Pet Lifestyle Magazine June 2018

Rock Atoll x Pet Lifestyle Magazine

Get these crabs vs lobster print shorts here!

Hong Kong Beach 5s | March 2018

HK Beach 5s x ROCK ATOLL

Get the blue palm leaves print shorts here!

Chic on the Run Blog - Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him Feature | February 2018

Rock Atoll x Chic On The Run Valentines Gifts For Him Guide

Get the jungle animals print shorts here!

MassageASMR Feature Video | January 2018

Shorts featured:
Enter the Dragon
The Time Traveler's Shorts

Model Citizen Magazine | December 2017

Model Citizen Magazine x ROCK ATOLL

Shorts featured: Negative Zebras

Southside Magazine | December 2017Rock Atoll in the News! Southside Magazine 2017

Get the toucan print shorts here
the Crabs & Lobsters print shorts here
and the jungle cats print green shorts here!

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