ROCK ATOLL Clothes You Have Fun Wearing. Colorful All Over Print Patterned Print Based Apparel for Men and Women

Committed to leaving a light footprint behind

ROCK ATOLL was born out of our desire to create something different and FUN using bold colors & prints to add a bit more color into our everyday lives. But we know that the fashion industry has a waste problem, and we didn't want our brand to contribute to it.

That's why, in addition to using low-waste cutting techniques to minimise textile waste, we only use responsibly sourced deadstock fabrics to minimise our environmental footprint. Not only does this mean we repurpose fabric that would otherwise be thrown out, but we make a limited number of pieces for each look instead of creating thousands of pieces at a time.

What are deadstock fabrics?


We don't want our brand to contribute to the problem

Our goal is to:

create pieces that do not harm our planet

ROCK ATOLL | Sustainability and Working Towards a Waste Free Future | Using Deadstock Fabrics is part of the solution

We're committed to doing better.

Working Towards a waste free future

Being sustainable is no longer enough, our future depends on going beyond sustainability and giving back to nature itself.

We're aware that what we're doing is only part of the solution but in trying to do better, it's important to set achievable goals. Every little bit counts and we are 100% committed to continuing to learn, improve and move towards a waste free future one step at a time.