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You're invited: Rock Atoll's First Pop-up Store at The Hong Kong Beach 5s!

HK Beach 5s and Rock Atoll Menswear

Come on over! For the first time ever, here's a chance to meet and purchase Rock Atoll in person. If you happen to be in Hong Kong on the weekend of March 17th and 18th, come to Repulse Bay Beach and join in the eighth annual edition of the Hong Kong Beach 5s! We'll be in attendance selling our menswear, but that's only the beginning...

 Rock AtollHong Kong Beach 5s

As part of our first pop-up store, we'll be selling the signature printed men's shorts that Rock Atoll is known for, but we'll also be selling men's boxers shorts, as well as a number of items not yet available in our online store: men's shirts! 

We've got the guys covered, but we've heard a lot of feedback that we should be offering women's clothes. Never fear! We've taken steps to make sure that we have fun items for the ladies in attendance, too. Rock Atoll will be bringing along our own brand of women's dresses and shirts. 

Rising LotusRising Lotus Clothing

We're also very happy to be teaming up with women's yoga and fitness apparel brand Rising Lotus to take our location's women's wear options to the next level!

"What else is there to do there," you ask? There's a whole freaking beach sports festival, pal! Since 2011, the Hong Kong Beach 5s has been taking place on Repulse Bay Beach each year. In this sandy arena, competitors from the worlds of 5-on-5 Rugby, Football, Volleyball, Dodgeball and Netball have met to best one another for the sake of glory and prizes. This family-friendly event features great sports, good food, live music, shopping and good old fashioned fun in the sun.

Beach DodgeballBeach Rugby

You may also realize that the first day of the Beach 5s is St. Patrick's Day. Well, Repulse Bay Beach is the place to be to kick it off. That's because the event will have beer pong tables on hand to help you celebrate your St. Paddy's Day in the Beach 5s spirit: with libations and competition! 

St. Patrick's Day HK

If you plan on getting your pong on, and even if you're not, stop by Rock Atoll's tent first to take a practice pong shot. It doesn't cost anything, but can get you a discount on a Rock Atoll purchase, or even a FREE pair of boxer shorts!

Our location, conveniently located right by the rugby pitch, will have the tunes going strong all day, and some crazy characters on hand that you can grab a photo with; not to mention some off the coolest clothes out there.

It's lookin' like it's gonna be Rock Atoll weather, so we hope to see you there! Come for the shorts, stay or the sports! (Or the other way around. It's whatevs.)

See you soon!

-The Rock Atoll Crew

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