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People are flipping for Rock Atoll shorts. No, really....

Posted on January 23 2018

It's cold in the Ukraine these days, but that didn't stop the absolute boss that is Peter Simonov from showing off his Rock Atoll shorts and preparing a showcase of his flipping skills for us at the same time!

parkour mens shorts

As you can see, the wintry conditions in Peter's hometown are no joke, but he doesn't let snow on the ground stop him from sharpening his skills. Even though it's day time, those Neon Nights shorts are looking sharp!

parkour ninja shortsflipping for rock atoll shorts

 The wind up...

ninja flip in shortsmens shorts for parkourparkour mens fashion

 And the flip!

Check out the awesome video that Peter shot and edited for us below. Then be sure to follow him on Instagram @peter.simonov1999

Thanks Peter!

Got any cool talents to show off your Rock Atoll menswear in?
Drop us a line at!


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