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Shorts As Art: Limited Edition Shorts From Rock Atoll

Rock Atoll Lobster Print Bermuda Shorts

At Rock Atoll ALL of our shorts are limited edition. “How is that even possible? I’m calling BS!”, you say? Cool your jets, Francis. Let us explain what we mean when we make this assertion about our signature printed shorts.

limited edition shorts

If you’ve had a look at the shorts in our store, you’ve no doubt seen the array of fresh and funky patterns that Rock Atoll offers, Maybe you’ve even been on the fence about buying a pair of them. Well, we’ll tell you one thing, now is the time to pull the trigger on purchasing our shorts, and we ain’t kiddin’!

This is because many of the prints that we receive come in very low supply. For example, in our first run of mens shorts,  our Can Do-can print only has about 50 total pairs available! Crazy right? But guess what? That just means that if you are one of those 50 people, you are one of an elite group of individuals that now has access to some of the coolest shorts ever conceived! (At least in this writer’s opinion.)

So why do we do this? Well, at Rock Atoll we like to keep things fresh, so we want to make our model all about producing regular-but-limited runs of the shorts we have. That way, there will be more of the fun, crazy, sunny, or striking shorts that you are looking for available to you on a more regular basis.

artsy mens shorts

Our styles are so varied that we know there may not be anyone that likes them all, but we are confident that each run will have at least one style that appeals to every man out there. (Unless you just don’t wear shorts. In which case, lose our number, weirdo.) That’s why we are going to be pumping out these puppies like nobody’s business! Not only do we want there to be fresh styles when you check the store, we also want to be able to announce to our followers, fans and members of the Rock Atoll Crew out there that we have a new batch of sweet ass shorts in.

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We Rock forward to Atolling you soon,

- The Rock Atoll Crew

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