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Winter Shorts? What up with that?

Rock Atoll Crew Wearing Bold Printed Shorts!

The holidays are upon us! It’s been a blast here at Rock Atoll going through our first Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and people are getting ready to bust open some presents under Christmas trees! Well, we hope you had good luck hitting those sales, but if you still have a distinguished gentleman or crazy bastard you need to shop for, a pair of kickass shorts might be just what the doctor ordered.

mens winter shorts

What’s that you say? “R.A.C., it’s friggin’ cold outside! Why in the heck would we want shorts for Christmas?” Well, here are a few reasons we can think of:

  • When else is someone going to give shorts as a gift? Are you really going to give Earth Day shorts? Unlikely! (Though we will have shorts for sale on Earth Day too 😂)
  • Do you live in Oz, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Chile or any other spots where the toilet water spins the wrong way? It’s summertime! Carry on, mate!
  • Do you live on the equator or maybe somewhere like Costa Rica, Hawaii, Singapore, the Caribbean, or other lovely equatorial areas? Good news! You can wear shorts year round!
  • Even if you live in a snow-covered locale, don’t worry that they won’t use your gift right away. People will have plenty of other toys to play with. Then when spring rolls around, BAM! They’ll be reminded of your lovely gift, while all of the ones they got in December will be old news. They’ll probably even send you another thank you message! Sweet!
  • Come on. You know somebody’s going to invite you to some sort of luau-themed winter party. What’s more, you’re definitely going to want too have the coolest shorts there, bruh. Turns out we have some pretty slick prints in our shop ready for you perusal!
  • If you’re bold enough, you can even rock layers on the bottom. We’ve all seen the classic ‘long sleeved t-shirt under short sleeved t-shirt’ combo, and Rock Atoll thinks it’s high time for the ‘trousers under shorts’ look to take off. Be on the forefront of this hot new style and be a trendsetter!

 winter shorts for men

Haven’t had a look yet? Check it out. You won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for crazy/cool prints for you casual shorts, or even some fun boxers.

Already seen our shop? Have you checked it out with ‘them’ in mind yet? It might work out better than you think! 


Happy hunting!
-The Rock Atoll Crew

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